Back in the Day on Browsey Acres: Ronda Rousey Introduces All Her Baby Chickens

LaToya Ferguson

Hey there, Rowdy Ones. We got a Browsey Acres throwback to start your weekend off right. You are very welcome.

You remember Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne’s baby chickens, right? If not, we’ve got you covered on that front right here.

Well, now that you’ve taken that stroll down memory lane to see when said Browsey baby chickens first hatched, why not take a stroll down memory lane to get some proper introductions to said Browsey baby chickens? That’s right: Let’s talk about chicks, man.

Chicks, man. (source: NBCUniversal)
(source: NBCUniversal)

For some context, this throwback to the early beginnings of Browsey Acres takes place at a time when Ronda was taking close care of all her chicks after one was taken by a meanie hawk. (I hate to say it, but hawks can be mean, you guys.)

Check it out:

Rowdy Ones, you can stay updated on all things Browsey Acres here at and on Ronda’s official YouTube channel (don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE). For example, remember the time Ronda taught us all how to wash our chicken eggs?

Thank you, Ronda! *clap clap… clap clap clap*

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